Aunt Bessie's Creative Works Gallery

The Gallery Is Open! 
All items are 100% original creations by artist J. Sanders-Nelson 
 "Eros~Storge~Philia~Agape~Alkebulan~Temptare" 8x10 and  11x14

 "YellowFellow" 11x14

 "TurqGirl" 11x14

 "PatriotStrings" 11x14

 8x10 Orange Diva 8x10

8x10 Always in My Hair

 8 x10 Yellow Diva

 8x10 HairTossDiva

 8 x10 Lime Light Diva             8 x 10 Red Butterfly

 8 x10 Rainy Day Puss and Boots

She Splits Her Colors 8x10

Fancy Gourds 13x11

 Eye See You 11x14

 PrimitiveFace 11x14

 Heel Girl Heel Canvas Panel  12x16

The 7 of Us Collection 16x20

Bald Series 12x16

Liberty Series 12x12

 Thank you!